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Grab FREE N10 Million from the YouWIN Business Plan Cometition Sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria - YouWIN Nigeria 2016

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The acronym YouWIN stands for Youth Enterprise for Innovation in Nigeria. It simply an initiative of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to create vast job opportunities all over the country, alleviate poverty and improve the general standard of living of the Nigerian populace and citizens. As stated on the YouWIN portal, the programme otherwise referred to by many as a business plan competition is scheduled to run for 3 consecutive years in the country after which the government can decide to extend it depending on the composite impact it will have and also, on whether a willing majority of the populace have got affected positively by the programme.

Impressively, the World Bank partnered with the Nigerian Ministry of Finance to bring this programme into the country and make it available for enterprising youth and all other individuals who meet the minimum acceptance requirements. For someone to be eligible to participate in this YouWIN programme, the person in question must be a graduate irrespective of the uniqueness of the idea or business plan he or she has. Also, an individual who has been granted funds by YouWIN after emerging a winner in the past is ineligible to apply for a second time. It is not allowed and the Government strictly frowns at such persons for indulging in such an act.

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This is how the programme works. Eligible and interested persons after passing through the registration process will submit their business plans each through their profiles on the YouWIN portal. Once your plan gets accepted after a very careful and in-depth review by the YouWIN team of business and economy analysts and judges, you have passed the first stage. Remember, there are four stages in this programme. The last stage is a stage where you will finally be awarded the approved sum of money by the President which will be paid to you in tranches through your secretariat.

You can get a minimum of N1,000,000 (One million Naira) and a maximum of N10,000,000 (Ten million Naira) from the Federal Government under this programme if your business plan is finally selected for the award. Please always be careful and unique in writing your business plans. Do not copy the useless and clueless sample plans which you will find on the internet. Rather, be unique and set up a business plan for yourself. You can research to know more about your chosen idea but never you copy what you cannot defend before the award judges who can be very critical at times. Give appropriate, substantial but brief answers to the questions you will be asked to fill out in your application form and try as much as possible to be factual. Present real life business cases and issues which can be confirmed or traced. It shows you are a studious candidate who is always abreast with all going on around the National economic arena.

One more thing, remember that you cannot submit more than one application at a time. One applicant is entitled to just one business idea. Also, be very sure before you submit your Business plan on the YouWIN portal because once you submit it, there will be no room for you to modify it again. You will just be left to your fate. If you are not too sure of what you are putting up, there is a feature on the portal for you to save the application and retrieve it on another day when you are ready to update it. But once you submit it, there is no going back. So beware and be very careful with this.

Again, endeavour as much as you can to submit your application before the deadline date otherwise, the portal for accepting applications will close and all your efforts so far in gathering information to enhance your business plans will all become a sordid waste of time. To avoid this inconvenience totally, make sure you keep up with the pace of time as instructed.

To register an account with the YouWIN portal, open your internet browser from a desktop or mobile device and navigate to and once you are there, create an account with your real information and submit it. A confirmation email for your registration will be sent to your email. Login to the same email address with which you registered and check your inbox for the YouWIN confrimation mail. Once you see it, open it and click on the confirmation link enclosed inside the mail which will take you straight to the YouWIN portal notifying you that your account has been successfully registered and confirmed.

Log into your YouWIN account with your login details and once you are on your profile, click on a link prompting you to submit your business plan. This will take you to a page where you will carefully fill out a form with details of your proposed business idea in relation to the questions already waiting for you on the page. Once you arr done with this, submit your plan and wait for your approval. If your idea is finally choosen among the successful ones, YouWIN will notify you on a future date through your email address and invite you for the second stage of the application. If you succeed there and also at the third stage, you will be granted the amount you have requested from the programme.

For you to succeed and get this money, you really need to be practical, knowledgeable and smart in you approach. Come out with business a idea that is capable of employing a lot of people and engaging them into real time productive activities. From previous experiences, much emphasis has been laid on agricultural ideas as Nigeria is gradually diversifying her economy from Oil to agricultural ventures as it seeks to recover its lost glories of the 1960s.

Remarkably, over 1,200 winners have been awarded so far Nationwide with the YouWIN grants which are not to be repaid back to the government by the winners. Once you get it, the money is all yours. But the money does no come in a lump. You will collect it in stages which may be up to 4 or five steps. The money will be granted to you in batches. YouWIN officials and supervisors will monitor you for a complete year as they disburse the cash to you installmentally just to ensure that you are actually doing the business which you planned to implement. If not, you will never ever get the whole grant awarded to you.

For more information on the YouWIN initiative, visit their website at and find out more about the programme. Better still, you may be lucky to have a YouWIN winner beside you who will enlighten you more and give you real time tips on how to come out successfully and emerge as a winner!

We wish you success as you develop your business plan and apply!

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Grab FREE N10 Million from the YouWIN Business Plan Cometition Sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria - YouWIN Nigeria 2016 Grab FREE N10 Million from the YouWIN Business Plan Cometition Sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria - YouWIN Nigeria 2016 Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Monday, February 09, 2015 Rating: 5

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