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Cassava Farming Business Plan PDF - How to Start Cassava Production Business In Nigeria and make money

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One of the most important and valuable food crops in the world is Cassava. Most especially, it is very popular among Africans mainly. Nigeria as a country is one of the largest producers and consumers of the product and its derivatives as well. Most of the major foods we eat in Nigeria and Africa at large are derived from the processing of the cassava tubers. Food items like garri (used in making eba), cassava flour and Fufu (also known as Akpu among the Igbos) are all made from Cassava.

Personally, I am a living testimony of the fact. Since my childhood till my present age, hardly will a day pass me by without consuming garri or Akpu. They are my favourites because they deserve to be so. Although there are many other alternatives to them live wheat meal, semovita and many others existing out there in the food market, they are the most popularly consumed because they are easily affordable, easy to produce and delicious to consume. That is why all over Africa and beyond, it is a major food item prepared and eating with soups and other locally prepared dishes.

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Establishing a cassava farm is a very good business idea considering the high demand of the product all over the world. Almost every Nigerian consumes it's derivatives daily. Most families cannot do without the Garri meal because it can be afforded and prepared easily more than other substitute food items. Cassava is used for making food meals with much weight which can easily fill up the stomach and quench hunger. The garri or the Akpu for instance are heavy meals which has so far sustained a lot of lives in the world. When taken as food, they help in holding the body firmly such that people who take it hardly gets hungry.

Notably, Cassava is a food crop rich in carbohydrates. The derivatives from this crop are all starch foods which supply energy and strength to the human body system. Also, the cassava tubers when they are fully matured and harvested can be processed for the extraction of the Ethanol acid which is vastly used by many companies as a raw material for their production needs. Ethanol is a very strong and concentrated acid that is widely used for the manufacturing of drinks and many other chemical products. Cassava is a very big source of the ethanol and this adds more economic value to the plant. Also, cassava starch for clothes and textile materials as well as sliced fermented cassava meals are other popular derivatives of the cassava crop.

You can set up a cassava plantation and make money from your farm harvesting and selling your Cassava plants at maturity. But you will definitely need a very big piece of land for this business. Buy one, put an idle one that you already have into use, lease one from a remote area at very cheap price or get a land grant from the appropriate government authority in your state or country. Once you have your land ready at your disposal, clear it and get is ready for farming. For big farms, a mechanized system of farming is highly recommended. So hire tractors and cultivators as well as other machines for farming purposes.

However, you can also employ manual labour for the farming exercise. The important thing is to toil the ground. After that, go to the cultivation stage. Cassava is cultivated using stems. So buy as much as possible cassava stems from a nearby cassava farm and propagated them on your farm land. Buy the good species so as to ensure a high quality for your cassava produce at maturity time and harvest period. If you plant bad species, they may result in low yields or get easily vulnerable to pest attacks and diseases.
Apply pesticides to your farm to ward off pests and rodents from attacking your crops.

Using fertilizers and manures is also advisable so as to enhance crop yield at harvest. Fence your farm to prevent intruders and burglars from breaking in and making away with your farm produce. Cassava is a biennial crop hence, its life span is for a maximum of 2 years. So at maturity, carefully uproot your Cassava tubers from underneath each cassava plant either manually or mechanically. Take them to the market and sell them off for big profits. Also, you can make supplies of the produce to agro companies like Garri processing plants and ethanol extraction companies who will use it as inputs for their production needs.

You will surely make a lot of money marketing your products to your customers at reasonable but profitable prices. Also, you can establish your own plants for processing garri and ethanol and run them using the backward integration model where the output of one business section will serve as an input for the other. This will expand your business tentacles and help you to make more money from the cassava plantation. However, setting up all those plants may require much capital from you. That is why you should first of all, take time to grow your capital base before venturing into them one at a time.

Do well to take advantage of the periodic general agricultural and product-specific subsidies, grants and financial facilities granted by the government of your location. They can come in the form of collateral-free loans, free machines, price discounts for farm inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, export promotion plans and many other forms of incentives. These will help you to thrive your farm profitably and successfully. Consult an experienced cassava farmer or an Agricultural extension officer around you and get more expert tips on how to manage your cassava plantation so as to optimize returns from it and make more money for yourself.

That is the business plan. It was enjoyable right? Use the comment box below to write your comments on this article for prompt feedback from me. Thank you for reading! Expect more on this same platform as soon as possible.

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