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How to get your unique Facebook Access Token Lifetime FREE!

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In order to easily allow an individual to connect a mobile or web Application to Facebook using the Facebook Login webmaster feature and plugin, the Facebook Developer team has made it necessary that an access token to that particular Facebook account must be obtained by him or her so as to allow him or her a temporary and secure connection with the Facebook Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Describing it further in more technical terms, an Facebook Access Token is more like an opaque string which effectively helps in the identification of a page, user or an app, or page for an easy and authorised use by the application for the making of graph API calls. There are many ways through which these Access tokens can be easily generated and obtained. In details, they have been documented by the Facebook Developer team through this link but also in this article, I will show you how to freely generate your own Facebook Access Tokens in easy steps without too much stress.

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These access tokens contains vital information like the identity of the Application that generated the token as well as the expiration date of the token. The need for access tokens for API calls on Facebook has been necessitated by the wide use of privacy checks all over the internet. For a variety of user cases and purposes, Facebook has different forms of access tokens including the User, Apps, Page and Client access tokens. Take good note that while using the Custom Facebook Feed plugin, you may or may not have to use the Facebook Access tokens for your connection purposes.

Now, I will show you how you can go to Facebook and generate your unique App Access token free of charge and it will never ever expire. To learn it as soon as you can, please follow these directions below:

(1). Open your internet browser and navigate to and once you get to the page, login to your Facebook account using your unique login details.

(2). If you have been accessing the Facebook Developer page before this time then, you can simply sign into your account with your details and move from here directly and straight to the ninth step below. But if this is your first time of coming to the portal as a Facebook user then, definitely need to sign up. Simply click on the 'Register Now' button and complete the registration process in a few seconds.

(3). Click on the 'Continue' button after you must have accepted the Facebook terms and conditions.

(4). Confirm your account with the portal by providing your phone number for a call or a confirmation code which will be sent to you through an instant message.

(5). As soon as you get the text message bearing your confirmation code, copy it and paste it into the confirmation box and confirm your registration.

(6). Make an option to share your phone number privately to yourself alone by selecting the 'Only Me' option. You can also choose to share it with your friends and the entire social community. The choice is simply yours.

(7). Click on the 'Skip' option to skip some processes which are not too pressing for you.

(8). Now, hit the 'Done' button.

(9). Locate the 'Create New App' button and click on it.

(10). Find the 'Advanced setup' button on the resulting page and follow it up from there.

(11). Choose any name that you like and provide it as the name of your App. After doing so, simply hit the 'Continue' button.

(12). Fill out correctly the Facebook Security Check to confirm that you are an eligible and mentally sound human being and not just an automated software sign up. As soon as you are done with that, click on the 'Continue' button to proceed.

(13). At this point, your new App should be ready. Quickly copy your App ID as well as your App Secret codes and paste them into the specified fields in that will be displayed in the next page so that you can get your Facebook Access Token. Take a very good note of the fact that you must click on the 'Show' button placed directly beside the 'App Secret' so that you can view, copy and use it where it will be requested.

(14). As soon as you are redirected to your dashboard, provide your App ID and the App Secret that you have generated and click on the 'Get My Access Token' button.

Once your token is generated for you, feed it into the required field on the settings page of your Facebook plugin. Do well to save it for future retrieval and usage. Also, you can test your Facebook Access Token on a Pro Demo page through this link and know if it is functioning properly. If you have issues with it, make your complaints to the Facebook Developer Team by contacting them as soon as you can.

That is all. Enjoy yourself and have a lot of fun practising what you have learnt from this post. More interesting articles are her for you on this blog while many more are still coming on the way ! Do not hesitate to come keep on coming back to this blog to read them always!

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How to get your unique Facebook Access Token Lifetime FREE! How to get your unique Facebook Access Token Lifetime FREE! Reviewed by Blog Editor on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 Rating: 5

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