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Get Latest Job Vacancies Near Me free - Job Vacancies Abroad!

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One of the major problems and stumbling blocks encountered by most Nigerian graduates after passing out from school and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme is that they simply do not know where to start. That is why most of them pack up their loads, travel back to their respective homes and become a burden for their parents and family one more time. Instead of taking the bull by the horn to force their way into a position out there in the labour market, they will lazily relax in their houses waiting for manner from heaven to fall for them.

For goodness sake, heaven helps only those who help themselves. Nothing can ever get done by itself except we make efforts and work hard towards achieving our aims, objectives and goals in life. But on a good note, some young enterprising graduates who are yet to find a position in the labour market start up a small scale business on their own as they wait for any opportunity to come by.

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Abraham Lincoln, the one time President of the USA has 2 quotes that really captures the image of what I am saying here and not only that, the maxims when adhered to will surely arrests any unemployment situation in any country. What did he say? The learned scholar and leader first said, "Do not think of what America can do for you rather, think of what you can do for America". And his second statement goes thus, "I will read and prepare perhaps, one day my time will come".

Obviously from the first statement, Abraham Lincoln is urging the youths to think of ways which when implemented will make them add value to themselves as well as to the entire country at large. Do not keep on blaming the government for failing to provide jobs or giving you the capital to start up a business. Our destiny and fortunes all lies in our hands. It was Thomas Eddyson the discoverer of Electricity who said popularly that "People are afraid to take on Opportunities because they are always dressed in overall and look like work". Are you one of those people missing out on opportunities and lacking self-belief because you are hoping endlessly and pointing accusing fingers at the Government ? It is time to have a rethink and start up something for yourself as you wait for that dream white-collar job.

From Abraham Lincoln's second statement above, he added an extension to the first statement. He is admonishing all and sundry that even as you start up a venture for yourself, still read and be prepared always because one day, that opportunity to occupy a graduate position in the field you have studied in school will surely come and meet you.

But how will you actually know when the positions and vacancies are there waiting for you and knocking on your doors ? You need a reliable platform where you can get steady job alerts that matches your educational discipline such that you will always have a first hand information of companies that may need your services from time to time. It is a modern world so you always have to keep up with the pace of the advancements in technology. Do not chat alone with your mobile phones. Make out time to browse through and get latest job alerts.

Infact, I will personally name Jobberman the biggest job listing portal in Nigeria. On their website you can search for jobs by categories, by countries, by minimum years of experience, by position, by interests or by any term related to the position you are seeking for. The portal will really come in handy for you if you still dream of working in a corporate environment. Once you see a listing that matches your interests and you are sure that your qualifications meets up with the minimum requirements of the employer, apply for the job and wait for a feedback. If you are invited for an interview, prepare for it and go, hopefully you will pass and recruited at last.

All you need in life to succeed is the determination and zeal to succeed. With these, you can virtually do anything positive that will finally land you that age-long job of your dreams. Your success is assured with God if only you can sincerely work hard, struggle and hustle your way forward!

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