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A Job Winning CV - How to get a good job advertising a good Job CV

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Globally, the rate of unemployment is on the increase day by day as the population increases with a fast pace too. The graduates of tertiary institutions like Universities, Colleges of Educations, Polytechnics and vocational schools are the ones usually affected by this trend because in a country like Nigeria, millions of students graduate from school yearly and pour out in their massive numbers into the labour market only to find nothing to do at the long run.

Yes, getting a good job nowadays is now on the basis of the survival of the fittest, the luckiest and the smartest too. Even if your brain works like computer or you happen to be a very intelligent and brilliant scholar in your field, you are still not guaranteed a job anywhere. The reigning thing presently is that you will have more chances of getting a job by knowing an influential person to make a way for you. Unfortunately, most people come from very poor and wretched background and have nobody to pave their ways into the good jobs and offices.

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But today, I will give you a smart clue on how to easily secure a job as long as you can defend your certificate. A Nigerian graduate of Covenant University was seen sometime in the middle of last year standing at a train station in overseas at the United Kingdom with a placard which read 'Hire me. Marketing B Sc. Honours 2.1)'. Eventually, a job recruitment firm hired him up from there and he gave testimonies on the internet. Now, I will not advise you to do the same or hang around the Nigerian express way with your CVs but there is another way out. Go to your church's weekly Bulletins/publications and place an advert there for a very cheap price. A friend of mine who was residing with his uncle in the city did this and before he knew it, prominent men, politicians and philanthropists became touched and helped him out with something doing. As of the last time I spoke with the dude, he was living a comfortable and average life catering for his needs and those of his family.

The advert I am advising you to place in a city church bulletin will not even cost you more than one thousand naira. No matter how difficult it may be, just try and afford it and try your luck. Somebody in the church is always willing to help and when you become lucky, you will tell your amazing stories. You may not be given a job that pays millions monthly but at least, you will surely get connected to high profiles and get a job or even contract works that can sustain your life for an average living.

If you believe in the power of faith, gather up the courage, be smart and try this strategy out. You may be the next person to receive a financial favour from a man in the gathering of God's own people. Cheers!

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