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Free Internet Browsing Codes - How to Get Free Internet Browsing MTN Data to Browse the Internet Free

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MTN is the largest mobile network service provider in Nigeria and one of the biggest telecommunication giants all over Africa and in the whole world in entirety. With an duly registered and activated SIM card from the MTN mobile networks, there are no limitations whatsoever on your access to any mobile network and value-added services that they offer as long as you are subscribed to them with a specified sum of airtime balance.

However, as the competition with other mobile phone networks providers like ETISALAT, GLO and AIRTEL continues to grow tougher as they all scramble and jostle for market shares and customers, MTN sometimes offers free services to its customers and subscribers in a bid to keep and impress them. That is why sometimes you will get a message directly from the MTN network notifying you that you have free bonus airtime or minutes for your calls, text messages and free access to other value-added services that they offer.

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However, one of the notable free packages that MTN frequently offers to their subscribers and customers is free Data Megabyte bundles that will allow their customers who qualify for it to browse the internet free of charge and without restrictions pending the expiration of the terms. They do this on the basis of the amount of airtime recharged by a subscriber. The more frequently you recharge your phone, the more access you get to their free browsing data packages and vice versa.

Now, let me teach you how to get your own free browsing megabytes from the MTN mobile network and start gaining free access to the internet any day and any time. Simply buy a minimum of MTN N100 recharge voucher and recharge it on your MTN SIM card. To recharge your MTN SIM card, dial *555*MTN RECHARGE PIN# and the operation will be successful as long as you have access to the network on your phone. To check your balance, simply dial *556# on your phone and a system message from the MTN network will pop up immediately on your phone's screen notifying you of your available airtime balance.

Once you have recharged successfully, MTN will instantly gift you free 10 Megabytes for free internet browsing. Your airtime balance will remain for you and will not be taken by the network. To test if you can actually browse freely, open your phone browser and visit a website and you will be surprised to see the portal open. You are simply browsing the internet free of charge without spending the available airtime balance on your phone.

To check your browsing Megabyte balance, dial *559# on your phone's screen and see the remaining portion of your free megabyte. As you browse the internet and open more pages, you consume data spaces and your megabyte balance decreases. If it gets exhausted before the passage of 7 days and you recharge another N100, you will never get free browsing megabytes. You have to wait until 7 complete days passes by before you can get further free 10 browsing megabytes from the MTN network. So take a very good note of this.

Also, the free megabytes for free browsing does not work on some mobile devices like the Blackberry phones which has a special and unique browsing plan for the device users and service subscribers.

That is all for this article. I hope you really found it informative? Send us your related comments using the feedback box placed below for quick replies and helpful tips.

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