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Plantain Plantation Business Plan PDF - How to establish a Plantain plantation and make money from it

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Agriculture feeds a nation with food but on a much more serious and better note, it enriches the pockets of the investors in the sector with endless money. People always disregard farming and play down the prospects of agriculture whenever a related discussion is raised on it. They say it a dirty man's profession and a work for the uneducated villagers yet, they always eat and feed on what their so-called 'uneducated village farmers' produce. Is that not an act of total ignorance in perpetuity?

Recall that our great grand fathers and ancient generations had no other real business to call their own if not for the agricultural ventures that they engaged themselves in. They worked so hard that food production was never a problem during such days. It was then that a man can marry up to twenty wives, have up to 50 children and still feed and carter for all of them conveniently without shaking. Then, people do not compete with themselves based on the number of laptops, cars, phones and luxuries that they had rather, they competed based on how many cultivated farm lands and big barns of yams and cocoyams that they had and also, how many wives and children they can afford to feed comfortably. This fact is a very clear indication that the ancient generations valued hardwork more than anything in existence then.

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That same mentality of their's which many people to day label as old 'fashioned' can still be resuscitated in the modern world today in a new dimension considering the mighty technological advancement that has been achieved so far in the agricultural sector. The earlier we learn to embrace agriculture and hardwork, the better things will become. The problems of hunger will be done for while the ravaging issue of unemployment will be a forgotten issue. If you are ready to work hard and establish a strong business empire for yourself which will make you a millionaire then flow on with me as I proceed to break the ice.

I would have gone straight into an explanation of what I want to discuss with you in this article but I purposely decided to take this long epistle so as to shake of any atom of laziness remaining in you and also, to prepare your mind to welcome a great opportunity that will help you make money all through your life into the foreseeable ages. I want to seize this opportunity to teach you how to make money setting up a plantain plantation.

Do not leave that very big expanse of land in your village idle and put it to waste. You can turn it into a cash machine. You can convert it into a productive asset for yourself and make serious money from it daily. If you left it so that you can build a mansion on top of it when you make money, how do you expect to make the money? I strongly believe in the 'First things first' principle. You have to make money first before thinking of building a house. So, I advise that you should go and possess that land for the establishment of very lucrative business that will pay you millions in no distant time.

Even if you do not have a land, lease a land somewhere in a rural area or villages for a very cheap fee. Also, you can meet with the River Basin Development Authority of your state (if you are a Nigerian) and apply for a land for an agricultural business. They will give you hectares and acres of land for only N4,000 per annum. Please I said four thousand naira and not four million naira. Nothing is impossible unless you do not act. Give shape to your dreams and hopes with action and ensure your success through sincere hardwork.

Once you have a land at your disposal, visit an already existing plantation farm in your area and buy young plantain plants from them for propagation. Transport it to your farm and plant it inside land openings separated from each other by at least a distance of one or 2 feet. Cover their roots with stand up to the stem level and water the farm land as frequently as you can (if it is during a dry season) so as to give all the young plants maximum chances of germination and growth into maturity.

Plantain is a biennial plant with a life span of 2 years. So it matures and bears fruits quickly in a matter of few months. As the life span of a plantain plant draws nearer, new plantain buds that will replace each of them when they are gone will start springing up such that as soon as the old plants goes off, the new plants must have matured to bear fruits. So you do not need to start planting again like the case with other farm crops like cassava, corn, pumpkin and many others.

Before you harvest your plantain bunches, make sure that they have matured fully before you cut them down. However, do not leave them to get ripe before you harvest them. Cut them while they are matured but still unripe in light green colour. This will ensure their durability from the time of harvest to the time of purchase by the buyers. Send them to the market and sell them both in bulk and retail quantities to potential buyers like plantain chips producers, hotels, restaurants, boarding school authorities, households and many other categories of buyers.

By the time you become popular in the business, you may no longer find the need to transport your plantain bunches to the market for sales because your customers will start coming directly to your farm to buy from you. Plantains are very costly. A fully matured bunch can be sold for as high as N3,000 and even more depending on the size. That is cool money. After your initial set up cost, you will no longer incur too much expenses in running the business. All you need to do is to harvest your farm produce, sell them at competitive market prices and make money like the Governor of the World bank.

For more information on this business, drop your comments below for helpful tips, feedback and answers.

It is well with you. Claim it today!

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Plantain Plantation Business Plan PDF - How to establish a Plantain plantation and make money from it Plantain Plantation Business Plan PDF - How to establish a Plantain plantation and make money from it Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Monday, February 09, 2015 Rating: 5

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