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Block Industry Business In Nigeria - How to establish a Concrete Block Industry and make a money!

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Cement and concrete blocks are mostly in demand when you come to the building and construction sector. Houses and many other structures are mainly built and constructed with cement blocks. Although in some countries of the world, houses are made using woods, mud, metal, tarpaulin, thick fabrics, thatch and many other forms of building materials. But in most parts of the world, cement and concrete blocks are moulded and utilized in the putting up of buildings and structures.

There is really a great deal of money to be made from a business that deals in the production of those cement and concrete blocks. A place where these items are produced on a large scale basis is known as a block industry. The business venture generally deals in the making of cement/concrete blocks as well as other building items that helps in the construction and designing of houses and structures. These industries deal in many types of concrete and cement products including assorted forms of blocks, bricks, interlocking stones, fancy blocks, cement slabs, cement bags, tiles and a lot more of products.

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Moreover, block industries operate in different ways according to the dictates and choice of the management. While company A may be dealing in just blocks and bricks, Company B can choose to deal in cement blocks, interlocking stones and fancy blocks. Business ventures run their business in such a way they believe that will yield them maximum profits. If you will go into this business then, you first need to decide on which concrete and cement products to deal in for a start. With time, you can start producing other building items too.

There are no doubts that concrete blocks and cement products sells very fast especially when you locate your business in a good and strategic point like a developing estate, Government reserved area, a company site, an industrial layout, beside cement depots and other areas where buildings and structures are still springing up. If you site this business in an area that is fully developed then, you may not make so much money out of it because you will surely get a very low patronage from people. This is because only very few structures may be put up from time to time. But if you are in a developing area or town where there are still uncompleted buildings and projects, that is exactly where you are sure of getting a lot of customers and making a lot of money.

When you visit a city or any place in your country and look around, you must see buildings all over the place. They were never made with the air rather, most of them were constructed with cement blocks. This proves that the demand for the product is not far-fetched since it has a great utility in the provision of shelter which is one of the three basic needs of a common man. Everybody strives to build his own house during his lifetime even if his father has hundred houses. That is why the demand for cement blocks and concrete products can never ever fade away.

To set up your own concrete/cement block industry, you need a land in a strategic area. Finding one along a busy express road is ideal because a lot of people and passers-by will see your business easily. Register your business. If you are operating in Nigeria, you can incorporate you company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) for a little fee and give it a professional outlook. Employ staffs for work. Buy machines like mixers and moulders or manual tools for your production needs. Install a water source and storage facility for your business. Buy distribution trucks. Build a store for your cement, raw material inputs and office as well. Fence your company if you like and put a large and well-designed bill board about your business beside your company for advertisement purposes. Source for sand and stones from the suppliers and make your concrete/cement products.

You may need to acquire a good knowledge and skills for producing the various concrete and cement products from an expert. Do so as soon as you can and also do well to employ labourers who are experienced in the field. Always water your concrete and cement products regularly to avoid damages, breakages and losses. They are fragile products so do well to handle them will care during the production, packing, loading and offloading processes.

Sell off your products to your customers who will include the likes of builders, contractors, project managers and many other individuals who may need them from time to time. Make contacts and connections with your customers and if you offer them high quality products and cost beneficial prices without sacrificing your profits, they will always patronize you and even introduce new customers and clients to your business.

As you run the business and make money from it, think about establishing other branches in many other strategic areas where there is a high demand for cement and concrete products. Maximize your business revenue and get optimum returns on your investments doing this lucrative business. Manage it well and it will be a source of livelihood for your future generations. Goodluck in all your efforts and sincere struggles, hustles and hardwork!

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