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Blackberry Messenger App - How to customize Blackberry Messenger PIN

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Sooner than you can ever imagine and think of, Blackberry - the Canadian based mobile phone manufacturing company will now finalize their support and put up an amazing feature which will enable their users to customize and select their desired PINS on their respective Blackberry Messenger channels favouritely known by many as BBM. Not only that, other notables changes which the outfit is expected to implement on their devices in no distant time to come includes the vanity PIN feature, the ability for users to remove pop-up ads as well as the introduction of a new avatar badging. For now, these great features are still in their testing modes pending their official release by the company.

The details of these new features as release on the Blackberry official website by the development team has it that a brand new service and system called 'Subscriptions' will now be added to the BBM app such that payments will be collected from users who wish to gain access to other exclusive BBM features. It may interest you to see the full list and details of the premium services that are to be included this premier release of the BBM Subscriptions service.

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(1). The Vanity PINs:
This new feature will give BBM users the flexibility of customizing their BBM PINS to their tastes such that it will be easier and convenient for them to remember, manage and communicate information across to their friends.

(2). The Removable Ads feature:
This functionality give room only to the subscribed BBM users to hide and remove sponsored pop-out ads as well as sponsored BBM invitations from other users.

(3). The Avatar Badging feature:
With this amazing feature, BBM users can easily show off their special BBM status and updated using a badge. Also, this premium badge will be visible beside the subscribed users display pictures and photos.

The BBM shop will also offer different payment options and methods through which BBM users can purchase their subscription packages from time to time. The subscriptions are designed to operate on monthly basis after which users can renew them in order to remain subscribed to the premium BBM features.

Reports from reliable sources also has it that the removal of ads on the BBM profiles of users will cost each user a monthly sum of $0.99 only while gaining access to the BBM PIN customization feature will also cost users a monthly sum of $1.99. However, these prices are still subject to revision by the Blackberry teams since the new features which are still in their beta and testing stages are yet to be unveiled, launched and released officially for users to enjoy them.

For now, you cannot download the new Blackberry Messenger (BBM) that has all these new features. Rather you have an option of being one of the few testers of the Beta version of the application although allowance into this category of group is very limited and reserved for certain people. The application is not yet public presently as the BBM users all over the world are anxiously waiting for its official release as soon as possible.

Follow our periodic updates on this blog and get this app right here on this very platform as soon as it is dropped. Cheers!

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