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Twitter Desktop App - How to access Twitter Desktop version from Smartphones and Tablets

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Twitter is one of the largest and most-visited social networking platform online with the ability of reaching millions upon millions of user engagements on its website daily. The network is designed in such a way that when a user opens an account on the platform, he or she can follow other people and be their friends and fans while also, other people can likewise follow his or her account, be a fan, get periodic updates from the account and possible hook up as well.

However, it is worthwhile to not that being a very complex and sophisticated social community, Twitter for convenience purposes have designed two main versions for their website - the desktop version and the mobile version.

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When you visit the Twitter website from your PC or through a desktop device, you will have access to the full features of the platform because of the spacious screen as well as the compatibility between high end desktop devices and the technical structure of the portal.

However, Twitter when visited through a mobile phone or device is a different ball game altogether. Mobile users have access to just limited features unlike those who access it through desktops. So the need gain access to all the Twitter features which cannot be done with iOS Twitter clients, Androids, tablets and smartphones has always prompted mobile users to continuously seek reliable and convenient ways through which they can visit the Twitter Desktop version through their mobile phones and here is the answer waiting patiently for you.

Simply access Twitter from your mobile device browser through this link placed below thus:

On opening the portal, you will notice that the desktop version of Twitter has been activated instantly on your mobile device. From there you can gain access to features which are disabled on the mobile view including the uploading and updating of mobile pictures, managing of lists and contacts and also downloading as much tweets as you like from your tweets history.

And that is all we have for you in this article. Give us your feedback once you try it out let us know if it actually worked for you. Enjoy yourself!

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