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Job Application PDF - How to write Job Application Cover Letter and get a good job

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It is quite a big and real pity that most graduates of tertiary institutions who are eligible to work are unemployed. However, the reason behind this is not because there are no jobs, not because the government is not working properly, not because they have lower grades in their certificates, not because they are not intelligent or brilliant, not because they do not possess a minimum job experience in a given field as required by the job, not because they are not disciplined and well-behaved, not because they are incompetent for the job and not because of other silly myriads of reason that they give. Rather, it is mainly because such a category of graduates are not smart, they do not follow simple instructions and they are always tied up with this feeling of inferiority complex.

The truth is that you are not guaranteed of any job position irrespective of your qualities but at least you will know that you have a worth when a company or organization invites you for an interview or test after going through your application details. Even if you finally fail to land the job, you will at least have a kind of joy that some recognition for you was recorded. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resumé may be the best ever written throughout the world but there are certain things that also counts.

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Assuming you want see a job vacancy somewhere in the newspaper or in an online job listing portal like, what you should do first is to find out whether the advertised vacant position relates to your field or relates to any skills or professional experience that you possess. You cannot be an accountant and apply for a vacant position that needs a Medical doctor. It quite unreasonable but taking it from the other perspective, you as an accountant can apply for a work in the hospital if they need an accounting staff or a cashier. Knowing which vacancy that suites you is the beginning of all other processes involved in the application for jobs and vacant positions.

Again, always know from the job specification whether you have all it takes to do the job even if it is a vacancy related to your field. A position for instance may need a Biochemist with a minimum of 5 years experience and you are just an entry level graduate. In such a case, it will not be wise for you to go for such a job because though you have a certificate as a biochemist, you may not meet up with the competencies of your duties in the course of doing your job because you are assumed to have had very little or no practical experience of the job before. Other emphasis may be laid on age ranges, certificate grades, driver's licence with 10 years of driving experience, professional qualifications, proficiency in the use of a specific software among others. If you are not eligible with regards to the core job requirements, please do not apply to avoid getting stranded along the line.

Furthermore, make sure you submit every document specified on the job listing. Do not miss any of them if you really want to increase your chances of getting the job. If the submission of documents is to be made online, you should be very careful with it. Scan your documents, upload and attach them to your email and send them alongside your typed application letter (if required) which is requested for in most cases to the correct email address specified on the job listing, if you end up sending your documents and letter to a wrong email address the, you have to forget about getting the job.

On a very serious note, if you are submitting your job application and documents to a company physically, it is not advisable to drop them with the gatemen of the receptionists when you can see the Personnel or Human Capital manager of the company except if there are designated staffs instructed to take charge of the collection of CVs from job applicants and candidates. In that case, you will obey the last order but first, you should request to meet with the company's personnel manager. Experiences have really taught us that some sad and cruel receptionists and gatemen will never ever submit your document to the appropriate offices. They will read it and tear it into pieces because they fear that you will come in someday and be a senior officer over them who have been on the work several years before you came.

Other things in brief which you should do to enhance your opportunities of getting a good job includes being smart and outspoken, dress corporately and responsibly, be fluent in your speech, write a well-structured and concise CV or Resumé, tender a nicely written application letter, neatly envelope your documents, walk decently at a composed speed because companies frown at sluggish applicants, do other good things as your conscience justifies them and finally, pray to God to give you a face of favour so that you will finally be among the few triumphant and successful candidates.

I wish you Good luck and great prospects in your job search !

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