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Free Make Money SMS and Get Rich SMS for your family and friends!

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There is nothing that interests most human beings in the world today as much as making money quickly and getting rich within a short space of time. In fact, almost the whole world is obsessed about riches. Thus, MyFreeBulkSMS urges and encourages you today to wish your family members and friends the best of their toils, hardworks and efforts by sending them these encouraging and strength-filled 'Make money'/'Get rich' SMS and text messages.

It speaks well of you and represents you ideally in their lives even if you do not have a dime to contribute to the person's success. A word from you can change a lot of tthings in the lives of your close peeps and just a 'Get Rich' SMS like the ones presented before you below can make your people rich over the night out of your mere worldly influence. Send these messages right now and not only see, but also feel their surprising effects!

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** Even if vanity is vanity, man mus always survrive in the world with the resources therein. I pray that you should be granted a comeasurate level of riches that will make you successful and comfortable in life from this day onwards!

** Prosperity makes a responsible man who can take on any task and accomplish it. May the doors of heaven open and shower in all the money and intellect that you want into your life!

** Variety is the spice of life and money sponsors it all. I wish you from today a henceforth a life where you will make money in the righteous way for the good of yourself, your people, all around you and for the Glory of the Lord. Enjoy!

** Money is not the root of all that is not good rather, it is poverty. May you never lack again in your life as I wish you abundant money and riches today. Remember me whenever it comes!

** Making noney is never an easy deal. But now that you have made it, may the divine grace sustain your life so that you can enjoy the fruit of your labour in the proper way and also have the giving mind. Happy day!

** It is more dignifying to give than to receive. You have already received your enormous wealth as fate had it. Give out to the needy now that it is still within your and it shall be givem back to you a million folds!

** All good wealth and riches comes from the Lord as he had already ordained the principle of prosperity since the inception of the world. May you never lack again as your days of struggle are over. Just give thanks!

** Some are rich and some are poor. The world will always continue to exist with different social classes occupying it. I hereby wish you today a quick but genuine  upliftment into the highest class of people in the world today. Claim it!

** Cars, houses, money, food, investments and the likes of them are all luxuries and never riches. A rich man is he who is always close to the Lord and derrives all his life happiness through him. You are rich!

** Blessed poor for the Lord shall humble the arrogant rich and raise the lowly above them all. I see breakthroughs speeding on its way to jam you and unfold the endless blessings of the Lord into your life. Be blessed!

** The philosopher Martin Heideger famously said that man is a beneficiary of another man's benevolence. I pray today that you will soon find favours in the eyes of the Lord through the helping hands of your fellow men. It is well!

** Idleness and laziness wastes the time which the requisite works would have utilized in building up mansions and estates. May you never be idle or lazy n your life. Strength shall always energize you to toil an reap the benefits once they spring up. I encourage you friend!

** When you have money in your pockets, your new name will be 'honey'. But once it is all gone, your latest identity will be 'monkey'. may the Lord who have blessed you from the onset always replenish your pockets and never let your riches to drain up. I wsh you the best!

** Many agree that money brings out the best in a man. Even in a family, money builds the home. I wish you goodluck, success and breakthroughs in all your sincere hardworks and endeavours to make money in life. best wishes dear!

** A 'Millionaire' is an old-fashioned term in the present world today because many have already attained that level. I want something more exclusive for you. I pray the good Lord to skip the levels of being a Billionaire and a trillionaire and land you into the class of the Zillionaires. Your hardwork and your fate will pay the price!

** When a man is born, the family and friends rejoice. But when a rich and great man is made, the whole world in entirety trembles. Your riches are already on your doorpost dear. The only thing you need to reach is to work hard and open the door!

** My unique and special wishes for you this day are that of divine riches, money, prosperity and breakthroughs in your life. It will be the handwork of the Lord, the hardwork of yours and a marvel in our eyes. I wish you the best of success!

** Success unlocks the sweetness and blissfulness of life for all who can find it. You have already succeeded because the Lord has already written it. What is written is written and must surely come to pass in your life. Rejoice!

** To make money in life, man must toil and to enjoy money, man must smile and to make more money, man must continue toiling and working hard. All I ask of the Lord today is to grant you the necessay graces with which to carry on!

** Heaven helps those who help themselves. Continue with your hardwork dearest friend and the Lord shall crown all your efforts with a resounding success!

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Free Make Money SMS and Get Rich SMS for your family and friends! Free Make Money SMS and Get Rich SMS for your family and friends! Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Sunday, February 01, 2015 Rating: 5


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