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Free Good night SMS for Her Family and Friends!

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Presented before you here on this page is an amazing collection of wonderful Goodnight SMS for your family relations and friends as well. These sweet text messages were uniquely coined together by the dynamic MyFreeBulkSMS team who made out the ample time and cracked their brains to compose these masterpieces of Goodnight messages for your peeps. Try it out now by sending any of them to the members of your close groups and they will realize how much you care for their happiness and safety. Read carefully, appreciate, enjoy and send out these classic messages to your pals freely!

** If my affection is blind then, it should be best shown to my dearest ones in the dark. Good night angel and sweet dreams too!

** Early to bed, early to rise; keeps my baby healthy, wealthy and milky. May the full moon and bright-shinning stars that look over the night be your shield as you sleep tonight. Good night to a dearest one!

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** I met mother moon on my way back from work this happy evening and she told me that you are the only star that will continue to shine all through my nights. I smiled and decided to get it to you before I go to bed. Sleep like a doll dear!

** Sleep like a new-born baby, roll on like a diamond in a flower garden, smile like the sun, dream big like a king and call out my name softly like an angel, and then I'll be convinced that you are really having a wonderful night rest over there. Silent night!

** Rabbits have trees, spiders have webs, butterflies have roses, Horses have stables, Birds have nests but the only place my baby has is in my arms; where I can softly wrap her and keep her safe till the morning dawn knocks on the door. Good night to a priceless angel!

** Sleep is a natural thing but a rest is a beautiful thing. I'll sing you a lullaby dear so that you can break away from the yoke of the day's stress and be right her sooner in my mind for a worthy night rest. Good night, gentle night, happy night!!!

** An angel asked me to make a wish tonight and I wished that divine protection should wrap you up in your bed while you sleep tonight with long life waiting on your door for the dawn to break so that we can welcome you to another bright and new day. Sleep well baby!

** From the depth of my heart and from the comfort of my home, i sincerely say ''Good night and sweet dreams'' to you. We'll see tomorrow because you will always deserve one more day!

** As you sleep tonight dear, peace shell reign upon you and with true serenity around you, you shall beget good dreams that shall surely come to pass as soon as you wake up for another brand new day. Good night!

** Obviously, diamonds must shine, waters shall flow, the breezes must blow and an angel like you must smile because a blissful night has come to envelop your successful day with a befitting night rest. Good night till tomorrow arrives!

** The daylight is only overshadowed by the dark in the night. Why ? It is simply because there is no need wasting the batteries of the daylight when a precious diamond like you glitters on its own whenever you are asleep. Keep on shinning like a diamond in the night my angel!

** The night is always my best part of everyday because I know that it is a time for us to appreciate and think about each other no matter the distance or time. May your night be as calm as mine!

** On my bed I remember you. With your sweet name, I always sing softly all through the night. That sounds crazy but they are just a few of my best ways of wishing you a good night rest!

** With a fat bone, the puppy goes to sleep but with my warm wishes and a refreshing peck, my baby goes to rest for the day. Sleep well sweet for I'm with you deep within your heart!

** Look into my eyes through your heart's eye and you will see my best night wishes inscribed within them. I really lack words to say good night to you but I think my heart speaks better. ''Have an awesome-dreams-filled splendid night rest''

** Favourite birds say ''chirp'' to each before they sleep in their nest but I will say an exclusive ''Good night'' to you tonight so that you can sleep well and wake up hale, hearty and strong in the morning!

** It's night again and it's right again to wish you a blissful and peace-filled night rest before I close my eyes to wait for the dawn of the new day. Goodnight from my heart!

** My Good night, sweet dreams and the best sleep wishes goes to a very special and exquisite friend like you this night because you deserve my time, care and attention at all times. Take care my precious till the morning comes!

** May the infinite divine blessings, guidance, favours and protection that
accompanies such a serene night like this get magneted unto you so that you can sleep, wake up in peace and testify the goodness of the Lord in your life. Have a nice rest dear!

** Hide yourself under the wings of protection, the shadows of security and within the hands of the Lord so that you can keep on sleeping and smiling until the early morning breeze wakes you up. Sleep sweetly!

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