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Free Good Morning SMS Text Messages for your family relations and favourite friends!

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Wish your friends, family members and close relations a happy morning with any or all of these Good Morning SMS and text messages. Wake them up from their beds with these soft words, be the first to greet them warmly with these messages and treat them to a nice day with these excellent pieces of good day wishes. It all but speaks well about you and makes your close peeps to appreciate you more for you have shown and appreciation of their sustenance to a new day. Send them these messages and put a warm smile on their faces and they will be so happy and relaxed with your exciting morning wishes!

** Once again you have regained much strength from your splendid night rest which will enable you take on the day's responsibilities. Good morning dear and have a wonderful day ahead!

** With the chirp of a colourful bird on my window, I knew that my angel have just woke up from her night sleep hale and hearty for the day. ''Good morning'' is all I wanna say to you this morning dear!

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** You have slept in peace and woke up in peace too. May this same peace accompany you from this morning till the night comes once again for rest. Good morning my dear friend !** All through the night, I had thoughts of your safety at heart. Now the morning has come, I feel so happy to see that bright smile on your face once again. Kit up yourself for the day and enjoy the morning!

** The sky is blue once again and the flowers are now blossoming and appearing fresh once again. In the same way, may your priceless beauty which has made you the pretty angel that I have always known shine out now that the dawn has come again. All morning favours are yours baby!

** Wear up a pretty smile and get up from your bed strong and happy for the happiness, favours, blessings and positive tidings that I have wished and ordered for you are waiting at your doorstep to welcome you into the bright new day. Happy day friend!

** My affectionate care is once more knocking on your door to welcome you out into another promising day filled up with innumerable favours and success. Good morning dear. I hope you had a splendid night sleep?

** May the joy of the new day instill a greater joy and happiness into your live and the lives of your people so that we can all rejoice together and be successful in this new day. Joyous morning!

** There is nothing as precious as life and their is more to just waking up from sleep after a night of dreams. All glory be to he that has made it possible. Good morning to a personal person!

** Even if there is no one around to greet you as you are waking up to this brand new day, I will always reach you just to say a warm ''Good morning''. Having a day like this is a miracle and having someone like you in it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the world. How are you doing?

** Good morning baby, good morning dear friend! I hope slept well in the company of your fellow angels? If so, tell them that the morning has come. Let them know that the night was for them while the day is for a special one like me. Good morning and happy day to my one and only darling!

** In the morning, very early in the morning, I will always rise from my bed, type a warm text message like this and send it to you so that the first thing you will ever meet in the morning will be this precious words from me. Enjoy your day!

** Seeing you happy and strong very morning is like a million dreams come true in my life. You are so precious to me that's why being the first to reach you and say ''Good morning'' is the best thing I can do on a new day like this. Cheers!

** You are the best friend I have ever had and that's why you deserve the best new day wishes from me. Good morning to a special one that I care for!

** When special things happen to special people on a special day like this, I cannot help it but to make special wishes on a special day for a special friend like you. Good morning my special friend. Extend my greetings to yours!

** The night has been signalled over by nature. Now stop swimming in your dreams and get yourself ready to fly into the greater heights of success, Goodluck, favours and breakthroughs this blessed day. You are welcome to the morning of the brand new day!

** Here comes the bright and favour-filled day after the sordid night that I'm well assured that you have had. Wake up to the world because you are the light that lights up my day. Good morning dear!

** My morning can never ever start without me waking you up and greeting you with my new day wishes. Today will be a remarkable and memorable day in your life dear. Shine me your light with just a smile and make my day bright!

** Yester night I said ''Good night'' to you before you slept. It will be good of me too if I wish you a ''Very happy morning'' now that you have woke up from your awesome night rest. May you walk this day in the path of unlimited success and favours!

** Dearest one, my best wishes for you on this new day are contained in this basket of good health, long life, prosperity, peace, unending joy, success, excellence, divine favours, happiness, breakthroughs and positive opportunities which I now hand over to you for you and yours. Happy new morning!

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Free Good Morning SMS Text Messages for your family relations and favourite friends! Free Good Morning SMS Text Messages for your family relations and favourite friends! Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Sunday, February 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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  1. Very Nice post. Thanks for sharing this good morning sms collection. Good morning sms can make someone's morning more delighted and happier.


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