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Free Funny SMS Text Messages for your family relations and friends!

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With this collection of our short but funniest SMS jokes that you can ever find anywhere, you are now gifted with the opportunity of making your friends and relations to feel happy each day by sending them one of these funny messages. If you want to put a smile on their faces, surprise them with these jokes which have been carefully compiled and brought to you by MyFreeBulkSMS; the leading Bulk SMS portal in Nigeria, Africa and even beyond.

They will be happy and they will never forget you who has brought happiness into their lives. Enjoy our free jokes and crack them up with your close ones and peeps. Let's smile !

** On a very happy morning, 2 best friends; a white fowl and a goat, were walking along the streets. Suddenly, a bike drove by and splashed dirty water on them. Angrily the fowl shouted; ''They will always drive like Goats'' And the goat retaliated saying; ''And that's why they always d i e like fowls'' Smile forever dear!

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** After teaching her students the English alphabets, a teacher asked Little Johnny thus; ''Which country is next to the USA?'' Confidently, he answered back saying; ''Aunty it is USB!'' And the class burst out laughing. Join them too!!

** A young boy rushed home and said to his mum; ''Can you believe Daddy ordered me to give up my seat in the bus today for a lady?'' The mum said; ''He's a very good man. He always helps people'' Then the boy said again; ''But my seat was on Daddy's laps !'' And the mother felt like ... ha ha ha!!!

** A sick Dad called his funny son beside his seat and began to tell him thus; ''Dear son, I hid my 20 trillion Dollars inside that ...'' But before he could complete the statement, he gave it up. Lol ! What will you do at that moment if you were to be this very boy?

** A man was going for a picnic with his wife. As their driver drove along, they were busy playing at the back seat. At a point, the driver adjusted the front mirror and the man shouted at him; ''Stop the car! I'll drive. Go to the back seat so that you'll stop seeing me'' Lol, just put on a smile please!

** Akpos said to Ekaitte his friend; ''Do you know that my daddy jumped into a water well?'' Curiously she replied; ''Are you sure he is okay there?'' Then Akpos said to her; ''Yes of course! The man have stopped shouting for our help since 2 days'' Lol, one word for Akpos please ...

** This was a funny conversation between 2 funny friends ...
GIRL: I heard that your house maid just took in.
GUY: Yes. That's her own cup of tea!
GIRL: But i learnt that you are the person behind it. Right ?
GUY: Yes. That's my own cup of tea!
GIRL: What ! I cannot tolerate this from you at all!!
GUY: Well, that's your own cup of tea!

** At a funeral of a chaste lady, the officiating pastor said thus; ''Behold, she have finally surrendered to termites what he refused to give to men. May she rest in peace'' At once, only the men in the crowd chorused loudly; ''Amen!'' Lol, that's the worldly men for you!!

** A guy was caught on a date inside a restaurant with his long-admired neighbour's daughter by his Mother on their country's independence day. ''What are you doing there Barry?'', the Mum questioned him in awe. ''It's freedom day today. I'm simply exercising my freedom of expression!''' the boy replied.

** Calmly read this interesting dialogue below please. You will like it!
INVIGILATOR: You brought a rope inside the Examination
hall? Why?
LITTLE JOHNNY: My teacher instructed me to SKIP any question that I
can't answer.

** A pastor caught Akpos taking a wall clock out of his Church without permission. So he said to him; ''Young man why are you doing this?'' and Akpos replied him; ''You preached us today that God's time is the best !'' Lol!

** Akpos was trying to swallow a very big wrist WATCH inside his classroom. His teacher came in and asked him the reason for such a funny action and he said to him; ''Sir, my father warned me for the last time to WATCH my mouth'' And the teacher fell down in laughter!

** A funny man came home and said to his wife thus; ''This son of mine got his amazing senses and brain from me'' Then the wife answered him back; ''No wonder you don't act properly nowadays. Mine is still with me!''

** A Mathematics Lecturer asked his students a question that went thus; ''If the 10 bottles of wine in my left hand is equal to the 5 bottles of malt in my right, what form of problem do I have with me ?'' At once, a boy raised up his hand and answered him thus; ''It's a drinking problem ooo!''

** To his friend, young Akpos said; ''I am still dreaming to be wealthy just like my daddy'' The friend then replied him saying; "It's like your father is a very rich man" On hearing this, Akpos smiled and said; ''No ooo, he's still dreaming to be rich too'' ... And they burst out laughing!

** On a Monday noon, Akpos' teacher asked him thus; ''What is the name for someone who talks and continues talking even the audience seems not to be listening ?'' With a smile, Akpos replied; ''It's a Classroom Teacher. Simple!''

** When Little Johnny's dad wanted to travel, he asked his son thus; ''What will I buy for you so that you can be good?'' Hearing this, Little Johnny said happily; ''Cheese, chocolate, candy, Icecream, sausages and egg'' At once the dad shouted back at him; ''Will you shut up ! When I was little like you, I was good for nothing!!!'' Lol ...

** In a class, a teacher called up Abel a funny student and said to him; ''If 555 is pronounced as five hundred and fifty five, and 444 is pronounced as four hundred and fourty four, pronounce 111 for me'' With all confidence, Abel shouted; ''It's one hundred and onety one'' and his classmates all fainted in laughter!

** When a funny boy was asked to mention any domestic animal in the class, he said ''A goat'' The teacher asked him to mention another domestic animal and he said, ''Another goat'' Lol!

** ''Stop keeping bad company'', a teacher advised Akpos. In reply, the young ignorant guy said; ''I hope you are not talking to me sir because I don't have a company yet. Go and tell my dad who has a company that is trying to fold'' The teacher couldn't help it but to laugh uncontrollably!

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Free Funny SMS Text Messages for your family relations and friends! Free Funny SMS Text Messages for your family relations and friends! Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Sunday, February 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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