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Free Friendship SMS Text Messages for friends and close peeps!

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Do you feel like you are seriously missing a dear friend right now? Always learn how to appreciate your friends so that your fortunes can be multiplied. If so, send him or her a friendship SMS expressing what a true friend he or she has been to you all these while.

MyFreeBulkSMS have come again with a set of nicely-written, heart-touching, emotional and interesting friendship text messages which you can freely send to your close peeps and favourites in appreciation of the times you have had with them so far. Tell them such and they too will miss you as much. Enjoy yourself and catch the fun as you read through the following friendship messages and make use of them!

** Whenever I recall everything that has happened in my life since the day I met you, something tells me that our company may not just be ordinary. You have really touched my life in all rounds ! You are my true friend! You mean more than a friend to me!!!

** What are the trumpet sounds for if they cannot wake the soldiers? What is the Golden crown for if it does not signify a king? What are we meant for if not for friendship? You are one in a million to all but within and down there in my heart, you occupy the space of a trillion diamond tons. Good day friend!

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** Birth comes only but once. Childhood soon passes. The youth age blossoms and follows. And the adulthood envelopes. Sooner than we think, old age sets in and continues till everything gets over. All these stages shall pass us by but our close friendship will always get stronger and last forever and ever!

** When there are riches and success, friends stay and perch around you. But in the midst of troubles and adversaries, they all grow winter wings and fly away farther from you. You are not my friend ... Rather, you are my true friend with whom I'll always share my times of pains and joy, sorrows and happiness. I really appreciate your presence in my life!

** Even if I had a heart as strong as a piece of granite before, your coming into my life as an exclusive friend have really melted and softened it like a foam. We are friends because we complement each other. We are friends also because we affect the lives of others. We are true friend utmost because our companionship brings us more Friends and makes other people great pairs and friends. Have a nice day!

** A hibiscus is a colourful flower. An eagle is a great bird. An apple is a sweet fruit. But my best friend is only you and you alone. You will remain in a special mansion within my heart.

** To make a true friend is one lucky task but to keep a best friend is another herculean labour because it will cost you a series of sacrifices. I may not have given up much for you as a result of my selfish human instinct. But just peep into my heart right now if you can and you'll see that my plan is to keep you forever. Happy time friend!

** If I were to own millions of mansion all over the towns and cities, I'll go around with my heart's paint and write your name on each brick so that the world can know that feel us. Even if a heavy brick falls on my head while doing so, I'll endure the pains and smile because that is the test, taste and spice of our friendship. I sincerely miss you!

** Pain shared is pain lessened and joy shared is joy multiplied. A friend like you is rare to find because you always partake in my pains even when I fail to open up. You are too indispensable and precious to me because you share my joys, make me happy and bring more joyful lights into my life!

** The sky is so blue, the sun is shinny yellow, the moon is always cool and fair while the stars are very bright. I may combine the lights and colours of these elements together to see but they still cannot show me the way. The colour of a true friend is pure and evergreen because with it, a blind man can regain his sight. You are my diamond, you are my rainbow!

** We are great friends not because we live and dwell in each other's hearts. We are favourites because we live as each other such that the world sees me in you even when I'm not there. May our friendship last like it will never be over!

** Ever since I was born, I have journeyed over a thousand miles; to the east, west, north and south. I have been to so many places, I have seen so many things and I have met so many persons. But I have never seen such a true and steadfast friend like you. May our knowing each other always grow from strength to strength day by day!

** Is there anything more than help? Do not give it to the beggar. Is there anything more valuable than sight? Keep it for yourself if you see a blind man. If there is anything whatsoever more than having you as a true and trusted friend, I don't think I need them for now. I dwell on your thoughts every second because you are the pillar of my life!

** Whenever the sun shines, whenever the breeze blows, whenever the rain falls, whenever the seas flow, whenever the flower springs up in its Sweet and fresh fragrance, I remember the goodness of nature to mankind. But whenever you are around me, I get the feeling of having a true friend by my side because you make good things happen in my life. Thanks for making me smile!

** Just a little faith can move a mountain, just a little stone can fall a giant, just a little time can bring inexhaustible fortunes and just a little smile on your face can make my day brighter than the firmaments in the sky. You turn things around for me and you mean a lot to me because you are my friend. I hope I mean the same to you!

** You will never know what my life always seems like whenever I'm walking without you. You are my light together, we pave way for ourselves. But no matter how I try, I know that I can never replicate and measure up to half of what you mean to me. Though my deeds may not match such heights, we still remain a perfect match!

** As we go from here to somewhere in life, we may take our diverse paths because life has presented itself to be a dynamic stage for all men. Even if I journey to the far caves and catacombs never to return again, you will always remain fresh in my heart because I can never really forget what a true friend that I have met in you. Smile for we are friends forever!

** We are the poorest dudes on earth, the ugliest in the world, the shortest all over the globe and the most-avoided on the planet earth. But we have been united as true friends so that we can now get rich, look beautiful and handsome, grow taller and be the most-cherished for each other and to the world as well. We are good friends so that we can make all our imperfections perfect!

** Joy is constantly flowing like a river in my soul everyday because right from the onset till date, I have never ever come across a worthy and dynamic friend like you who have made most of my dreams come true. I will never forget you in my life and I will always hold on to you; not to get more but to reciprocate all favours for endless times as my deep gratitude for having you as a faithful friend. Thanks!

** ''F'' is the 6th letter of the English alphabet and it stands for ''Friendship''. It is so because the Creator created ''US'' on the 6th day so that we can fill the earth, complement the lives of each other and enjoy all good things that he has provided for us. Our friendship is his wish and our life is his. Dwell happily in paradise!

** It obviously requires more than mere words and expressions to tell you how much our companionship means to me. Even if I were to give you up in exchange for the whole diamond and Gold deposits in the world, I will definitely not compromise because with you, I know that I'll still get all those things and still have you happier than before. You are my priceless friend!

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