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Free Christmas SMS Messages for your family and favorite friends!

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Once again, the Christmas season has come again and here comes another special time for you to say sweet words and send joyful messages to all your close groups and contacts. Wish your all family and friends a happy Christmas celebration with these nice Christmas SMS proudly brought to you on this platform by MyFreeBulkSMS today. The text messages are indeed too spectacular and classically composed to capture and replicate the true feelings that accompanies the gentle breeze of xmas into the minds of your target recipients. Rejoice with your Friends during this Xmas but do no forget to send them messages and wishes as memorable and real as the ones that we have presented here below. Enjoy!

** If you just woke up on a cold morning only to see a very fat and white-beared man trying to squeeze you inside his big bag through the window, please allow him and do not panic much because I have told Mr. Santa that you are all I desire for this Xmas. Merry Christmas dear!

** In a manger the saviour has been born by his mother. In your poor home, your breakthroughs have been born with this saviour. May the joy of this Xmas shower down blessings upon you and yours!

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** The winter snow is falling everywhere, the cool breeze is blowing all the way and the happy birds are perching on the trees singing the Glory. Its is because the saviour has been born to deliver you and yours from all negatives and bring you the positive tidings of the season. Happy Christmas!

** Christmas is here so let us rejoice and be Glad. I need a good friend like you to rejoice with me as we remember the birth of our saviour. Shout it out through your doors so that all men of good will can hear you and rejoice too. Merry merry Xmas!

** Go up to the highest mountains with your trumpet and sound the clarion call. Clash your cymbals and hit your drums while dancing. For a thing as great as the birth of the world's saviour has happened in Bethlehem. Rejoice!

** One great birth brings one great joy and deserves one great happiness. Smile because it is Christmas once again and you are privileged to witness it once again. Enjoy yourself!

** Join the heavenly angels and sing all glory to the Lord. Join all your friends and get happy for this day. It comes once a year and you are lucky again to have your cheers. Happy Xmas!

** Eat up your chocolates, treat yourself to a nice meal, put on your best clothes, wear a fragrant perfume, go out for a picnic and praise the Lord in his for the gift of life to see this Christmas once more. Happy day!

** May the full-fledged joy that accompanies the birth of our saviour meet you at the doors of favours, transform you into a happy one and make you fell the blisses that comes with the moment. Happy Xmas dear!

** Silver bells are ringing in the city gates while the golden and diamond tidings are waiting for you on your tables. The bells rings for the saviour has just arrived in your place to drop you such precious gifts. Claim them now and rejoice on his visit to your house. Merry Christmas!

** When a child is born, the family rejoices but whenever the saviour comes, the world is overwhelmed with great joy for he has come to cut and loosen us all away from our sorrows and lift us high to feel the joy of our redemption. Merry Xmas!

** Let it snow in the morning, breeze in the noon and get cool in the nights. That should be the temperature of the moment for as we shiver, the saviour will visit us and by his warm presence in our lives, we shall all be saved. Congratulations on your redemption peep and happy Christmas to you!

** As white as the winter snow, as special as the saviour's birth. May our hearts be washed to be whiter than the early morning snow as we count ourselves favoured to celebrate this special Xmas with our family and friends. Cheers!

** An old fat man dressed in red and white robes with a hat and long-white beards gave me two flashy slaps on my face while I was sitting by the road side this morning. ''You are too mean and not smiling on an xmass'' he said and walked away for another victim. Please smile my dear before he catches up with you and hits you for twenty. Lol, happy Christmas!

** Kids are playing in the fields, youths are flexing on the streets, couples are catching fun in their rooms, the old are smiling and nodding on their seats while ceremonies are around every nook and cranny. It's not because it's a weekend. It's because it's Christmas. Get happy!

** Be glad and rejoice, you main Christmas outfit should be your smiles. Mingle with the single and jingle with the simple. Eat a fat meal and deal with that bill. That's the fun of xmas. My best seasons greetings goes specially to you alone!

** The Christmas cold comes to make you stronger against all odds. It blows to make the flowers blossom and wave their heads and gaze with their eyes in happiness. For the birth of the saviour will enable all eyes to witness it in good health and in good condition. Have a Christmas full of merry!

** Join the 3 wise men to offer a special gift to the new-born king during this glorious season and you will be blessed abundantly beyond your expectations. Run around and get over-joyed for xmas has come again!

** When the saviours comes and saves, the saved shouts for joy ! Today is the day when we have all been saved and redeemed from all blockages and stumbling rocks in our lives as a result of the saviour's visit. Happy Christmas of peace!

** Wishes always come true on special days and exclusive seasons like the Xmas. Inherit life, good health of mind and body, favours and success from the new-born Prince of princes today. I'm wishing you a fulfilled and fun-filled Christmas!

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Free Christmas SMS Messages for your family and favorite friends! Free Christmas SMS Messages for your family and favorite friends! Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Sunday, February 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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  1. I think this day is very special for Christian community. Thanks for sharing.


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