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Free Birthday SMS Wishes for Girlfriend, Friends and family relations!

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I have prepared sweet Birthday messages which you can freely send to your family relations and friends whenever it is their birthday anytime that you wish. They are so fantastic as you can see. Sending such messages to your people and close friends actually tells them that you still appreciate, cherish, think and care about them. These ready-made messages are very emotional, mind-blowing, nice and interesting to read. We will keep on updating them as time goes on so as to have something new and fresh to always offer you on this platform. Enjoy reading them below and feel free to send them to your close contacts whenever the time is due!

** On a day like this was a very joyful day when you were born. May the celebration of your birthday multiply your joys and rain down numerous blessings and favours in your life. Cheers dear!

** Dearest, you are very lucky to see the light of this memorable day once again in your lifetime. It's your birthday and you deserve all good health, long life, prosperity and all the goodies of life. Happy Birthday dearie!

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** Whenever a day like this comes by, it calls for great joy and whenever I see you smiling on this very, I always know it's a fresh beginning of your happiness in life. Happy birthday my friend. I wish you the best!

** The sky is always blue, the trees are always green and your face is always full of smiles. Why??? It's simply because the world will always stand still to jubiliate and appreciate a special day like this in your life. Happy Birthday to a worthy angel!

** It will always continue to be like this because you will always be remembered by good health of mind and body, long life peace and prosperity. May all your heart desires be granted unto you on this exclusive day that you commemorate your birth. Have a blissful birthday peep!

** Once upon a time, you were born and the world rejoiced. Once in a while just like today, we have gathered together to make merry and jubiliate with you as you add another year to your age. Favours and breakthroughs are you new names from today henceforth. Enjoy and rejoice!

** One difficult thing is to be born into the world but a more difficult issue is to survive. Congratulations to you my dearest friend for being alive today in the land of the living to mark your birthday in style and happiness. Happy Birthday!

** Surely, abundant goodness, protection, blessings and favours shall follow you my friend, all the days of your life, and you shall dwell in the houses of breakthroughs, long life, peace and prosperity for ever and ever. Enjoy your birthday!

** Ding-dong says the wall clock and Happy Birthday says your friend to you on this very glorious day when you are bound to be favoured with joy, peace and divine blessings. Have a nice time as you celebrate your day. Keep my cake!

** Good tidings and wondrous packages presents themselves at your doorpost on this awesome day that you are favoured to witness. May all your good dreams in life come true because of your sight of this day so that you can always be happy. Smile and dance to your day!

** From the river of blessings that you have been swimming in since this time last year, good fate has now dipped you deep into a bottomless ocean of joy happiness, peace, protection, success, good health and riches so that your birthday celebration this day can be a turning point on which you will always recount the infinite love of the Lord in your life. Happy Birthday!

** Join the colourful birds in the sky, the happy fishes in the ocean and your worthy friends all over the world to rejoice and thank God for your life today. Life is a precious gift and once more, you are witnessing your birthday again. Infinite blessings are yours if you believe it. Wine and dance!

** Like a diamond in the sky, like a precious jewellery in a trinket, like a child of favour, keep on glowing, shining and glittering from this day onwards. It is o special favour that your Birthday have brought to you. Make a wish and it shall come to pass in your life dear. I really wish you the best birthday!

** Joy shared is joy multiplied. From the depth of my heart, I sincerely say happy Birthday to my personal person. You have been more than a friend to me. May endless favours, Long life and peace be more than a blessing and companion to you. Happy birthday pal!

** We generally celebrate the new year every first day of January each year but for you, today marks your new year on earth because it is your birthday. With all the care that I've got, I wish you a blissful birthday laden and over-burdened with trucks of blessings. Hip hip hip ... Hurray!

** The light of the very day is the brightest light that can ever shine in your life once every year because it is bound to unfold your eyes and make you clinch numerous graces, favours, success and a whole lot of other goodies into your arms for an enjoyable life in the future. I'm so happy for you friend!

** Even if you have decided to frown throughout the year, today being your Birthday should be a day when an unfading smile should capture your  overall countenance and tell you that there are more reasons for you to live other than riches. My wishes for you are for the best and not for the second. Be my host!

** Everyday is for the worker but one day is for the merry. Have fun, catch the vibe and get the maximum happy feelings today as you celebrate your birthday. Wishing you long life, peace and prosperity!

** Your family, friends and acquaintances are in utmost joy today. We are very happy for you because life have so far led you to this extent. May life never ever let you get tired of it because you are living today to celebrate your birthday. Receive my best wishes friend!

** Inherit longevity of life, freedom from sorrows, wisdom, blessings, favours and peace as you mark your birthday on this special day. It is surely a day of joy so relax and chill up yourself. Happy birthday to you dear. You will surely live healthy to celebrate your one thousandth birthday!

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Free Birthday SMS Wishes for Girlfriend, Friends and family relations! Free Birthday SMS Wishes for Girlfriend, Friends and family relations! Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Sunday, February 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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