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Fish Farming Business - How to start a Fish Farming at Home and make money

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Although I may not be a fish farmer by profession but I have actually been privileged to see and interact with many successful and rich fish farmers in Nigeria. Over there at the great city of Onitsha situated in Anambra state when I once lived there, I was opportune to meet numerous families who make their living through fish farming. They built magnificent houses, bought flashy cars and trained their children in top schools with the proceeds that they made from the business.

Yes, they always looked dirty and tattered whenever they are I saw them selling their live fishes at the Onitsha market near the River Niger and appeared like wretched people who had nothing. But the ridiculous thing that marvelled me was that whenever I saw them in the Church on sundays, they were always gorgeously dressed, wearing the most expensive perfumes, donating huge sums of money for church projects and riding themselves in flashy cars. It was then that it occurred to me that these fish farmers always made a great deal of money from their business on daily basis.

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Fish farming is never a business that you will risk your life while doing unlike the driving and importation professions. Once you set up your farm, you are good to go. Fishes will only take a few months to grow very big and you will sell them for much profits while incurring less operating and running costs. Initially, starting a fish farm may be a stressful ordeal but by the time you make your first fish harvest, you will become a happy man and your life will totally be transformed from nothing into an absolute life of financial positivities and freedom.

A major principle guiding the generation of income is that you must have a product to sell or a service to render to people. Interestingly, fish farmers produce large fishes which are hot selling products any where in the world and in Nigeria particularly. People eat fish on daily basis and even spend more money buying the locally produced fishes because of their high nutritional value to the body system, delicious taste and affordable prices too.
To set up your own lucrative fish farm and start making lots of money from it in no distant time, you have to put the following in place:

• Firstly, you need a spacious land for the construction of your fish farm. If you have a land in the village or elsewhere that is situated near a river, stream or a ready water supply, take it up for the business. You can also lease a cheap land inside a village or even buy one at a very cheap price from rural areas irrespective of whether electricity wire network covered there or not. You do not need it because a fish farm is naturally managed.

• Once you have the land ready by your side, get experts to construct a fish pond for you. If you have the competent skills and knowledge of doing so, take on the task by yourself and save costs.

• Once your farm is ready, visit a notable fish farm and buy young fishes known as 'Fingerlings' from them. Remember, buy a good specie so that you can make more profits. If you are so unfortunate to buy fingerling that will not grow into big fishes irrespective of the amount of food that they eat every minute, you will definitely make losses from your fish farming business because your customers who do not know your cost of production will under-price your fishes because of their small sizes. So buy fingerling from a farm that grows big fishes to ensure maximum profits. The Tilapia fish is a very good specie of fish from which you can buy young fishes for your farm. They grow so fast and look very big and gigantic at maturity.

• Grow your fishes and feed them with the right foods like plankton, lettuces, green leave, vegetable and many more. Get a full list of their feeds from an experienced fish farmer and procure them for your fishes so that they will grow big as fast as possible.

• Remember to change the water in your fish pond as frequently as possible. That was why I said earlier that locating your fish farm in an ares where there is a stream, river or borehole is the best bargain. If you have a borehole of your own, you can connect it to your farm or transport water from water sources to your fish farm using water tankers.

• From 4 to 6 months, most of the fishes must have attained maturity and reached marketable sizes. Take the to the market and sell the for large profits.
Grow your fish farm into larger ponds and generate more income. At some point that you thing you need to outsource a consultant or expert for issues arising from your fish farming business, please do not hesitate to do so. Enjoy making money from your fish farm as I expect to see you at the top sooner than you can imagine!

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Fish Farming Business - How to start a Fish Farming at Home and make money Fish Farming Business - How to start a Fish Farming at Home and make money Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Rating: 5

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