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Make money Online from Latest 2go Version? - Discover the Truth!

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This is a question which many inquisitive users of the 2go Chatting application have continued to ask. Given the millions of users who chat everyday with the application, many of us are ever eager to find out whether there are ways through which they can make some money from the platform. In this post today, it is my pleasure to treat this topic and expose all that I know as it pertains to that question. So relax, sit back, read on and listen to all I have got to say about it. One thing that I will always continue to say to my readers here is that most of the times, it requires smartness and sharpness to discover way the various ways of making money in any given scenario and take opportunity of them as soon as you can in order to enjoy the accruing economic benefits.

2go is simply a Chatting and messaging application which officially came into the spotlight in the late 2000's. Call it an online social platform, community, application or network. The fact is that it is primarily centred on connecting a large number of users around online social circles, groups, locations, discussions and communities. The 2go application works fine on virtually all mobile phones and devices including Java, Symbian, Blackberry, Android and Windows phones. Also, its functionality has been extended recently to desktops, laptops and personal computers such that it grants users the flexibility of accessing the application from different types of internet enabled devices.

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You can easily register and download the 2go application from their official website located at, login to your account with your unique user name and password and start meeting new friends and connect with people. The application supports users from many countries all over the world. And for each country, there are listed states, locations, cities and towns made in the form of 2go rooms where users can go into and meet people who live or reside in that particular location as well.

Also, other miscellaneous groups and chatting rooms according to individual interests (like politics, education, relationships, religion, health, sports, football and others) are also available on the 2go application as unique features that makes the application more interactive, social and enjoyable.

Honestly I will tell you this clearly, no 2go user can make money directly from the 2go application. However, there are many indirect ways through which users of the application can make a lot of money using the application. It is only the developers of the application that make money directly from their application through the short code billing and sales of 2go credits to the users for chatting within the 2go rooms and also, through sponsored advertisements placed by companies, businesses, individuals and celebrities on the 2go application. Also, they earn money when they charge users for the change and recovery of their passwords, user names and other personal information and data.

These are the main direct ways through which the owners and management team of the 2go application make their money. As for the end users of the application, they do not have the ability to make money directly from the platform. They can only promote their products and services within the 2go rooms or through their personal profile status updates to their friends and the entire community of users at large. Assuming that for instance, you manufacture herbal drugs for the treatment of Diabetes, you can always visit the health room on the 2go application and see if there are people who may need the product there. Promote your drugs on the health room and drop your contact there. Interested people will get in touch with you and possibly buy your products from you. And that is how you make your own money indirectly from the online social community.

Alternatively, you can promote your services or products on your profile updates. For example, I once sold a Nokia Asha phone which someone gave to me as a gift through my 2go profile. I simply wrote 'Nokia Asha phone for sale. Inbox me!' on my status update and before I knew it, I was getting a lot of messages from my friends. Eventually, I sold it for big cash to a guy who was in the same university with me so as to make the delivery process easy for me. That was how I made money through 2go and that is how I am still doing it whenever I feel like selling a product or rendering a service even up till this moment.

In conclusion, what I am saying is that you should kindly ignore anybody telling you that the 2go team can pay you. They cannot do that. You are the one to work your way out if you are truly interested in making money from the 2go application. Find a product or a service that you can offer, promote it reasonably on the 2go rooms and you will surely make money selling them to your customers. Remember that the 2go team can ban your account or kick you out for incessant promotions and spreading of web links on the 2go rooms. That is why I will advise that you should promote your packages and stuffs 'reasonably' and surely, you will make money online using the 2go messaging application from your mobile and desktop devices.

Thanks you so much for stopping here to go through this article. More will always come your way. Have a blissful and successful day!

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