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Start a Travel Agency Online and make a lot of money doing the business

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Setting up a travel agency is one of the secret ways of being a very rich person within a very short period of time just like land agency business, job recruitment agency business, house agency business and security agency business. The business can be started passively or professionally depending on your capital, affluence, connection and network with individuals. As a small scale starter, you may not even invest a dime and start making thousands of cash into your bank account on daily basis. That is why I like this business so much. All you will invest is your time and efforts to connect with individuals and groups who need your services and you will easy make your money in simple steps.

A travel agency in simple terms is a business or contract arrangement whereby a third party (who can either be an individual, a team or an organisation) acts on behalf of travellers to process their travelling needs at the right sources in exchange for specified agency fees and commissions which comes in the forms of monetary compensation and economic benefits. A person, team, organization or individual who renders travel agency services to people is called a travel agent. In some cases, the commissions due to travel agents are determined at the rate of a given percentage of the total travel expenses incurred by a particular traveller.

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If you a starting a travel agency on a big time and professional basis just like WakaNow, you definitely need to register your business and obtain the relevant licenses and certificates before you can start running the venture. But if you are starting on a small scale basis, you may not need to undergo all those rigours and protocols although it may be very tough for you to gain the trust of your clients. However, you can be a sub agent or an affiliate of the big travel agencies and still make money from the commissions you will get from payments made by customers referred to them by you.

There are many reasons why most people like going through travel agencies whenever they want to make a travel, trip or tour to near and far places. Most people do not have time to go to airports and queue up in lines to wait for their turns as they are always busy running their businesses, working in their offices, attending meetings, schools and social events. Some also may not be too healthy and strong to do it. The illiterate ones also shy away from processing their travels themselves because they may not be comfortable filling the forms or moving on from one process to another. Again, you do not expect most rich men to start walking up and down and sweat just to book flights for themselves. In the prevalence of these cases and more unmentioned ones, the need to process travels through travel agencies have become paramount.

As a travel agent, your functions, roles and responsibilities to your clients are so vast. Remember, it is an agreement between you and your clients and neither of you is expected to breach the terms of the engagement until specified events that will officially terminate the agency occurs. So you must try as much as possible to satisfy your clients, do what is required of you and make a lot of money from the business. Below are some of the areas of duties and opportunities that will face you as a professional travel agent:

• Booking of air flights for your clients at specified times and costs.

• Booking of hotels and lodges for your clients where they will stay once they arrive at their destination safely.

• Finding permanent residence homes for your clients who may wish to relocate to another country or state.

• Finding holiday and vacation venues and lodges for couples and other individuals who need such services.

• Planning excursion trips for students, booking hotels for them and finding excursion destinations for them.

• Helping prospective students to gain admission into overseas universities and tertiary institutions. You will assist in getting them a school, a residence, a students travel VISA, a work permit if possible, flight tickets among other things.

• Organizing overseas events and ceremony venues for clients as well as processing their VISA, flight tickets and travelling documents.

• Finding jobs for individuals who want to travel abroad and work there.

• Finding overseas accommodation for business men who embark on their business trips from time to time for their transactions.

• Exchanging the local currencies for specified and relevant foreign currencies on behalf of your clients depending on the particular currencies obtainable in the countries where they are travelling to.

• Dishing out professional advise and counselling to your clients as it relates to their travel and touring needs.

• Planning and organizing tourist visits to foreign countries for tourists and adventurers.

• Rendering many other miscellaneous expert services related to your travel agency job as may be brought to you by your clients from time to time.

The list of your responsibilities as a travel agent is too numerous and endless to be listed here. Make sure you connect and co-operate with other travel agents and learn more tips from them. To get more clients, design your handbills and go to offices, businesses, schools, churches, social gatherings, seminars and enlighten the masses on your travel agency services which you can offer them. Share your handbills to them and hopefully, you will get people who are interested in the services that you render. Also, place your billboards and banners in strategic locations, cities, busy corners and road junctions so as to give more exposure to your business and get more patronage from people.

If you render effective, efficient and economic services to your clients, they will always come back to you asking for more whenever they want to travel again because you are reliable. They will also introduce many of their friends to patronize your services and that is how you will continue growing your customer base from strength to strength. Irrespective of whether they are travelling to Dubai, China, United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Cameroon, other European countries and anywhere around the six continents including Africa, North America, South America and Antarctica, carter for their travelling needs satisfactorily and make your money like a king.

With time, you can establish your own registered and licensed travel agency when you get enough money for yourself and start making the big money just like other big time investors in the sector. For more information and professional tips on setting up this business and running it profitably and lucratively without problems, please consult an experienced expert in the travelling and tourism industry and get a deeper insight and knowledge on how the business actually works.

With your efforts, you will surely make it big through this business. The world will eventually hear your name and you will make unlimited money into your bank account daily. You are always welcome here. Grab our future posts on more thrilling business ideas as soon as possible by checking back on this blog as frequently as you can so that you will not miss any of them. That is all we do here everyday. Thank you so much for reading this post !

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