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How To Make Big Money Daily As House Agents in Nairobi Mombasa Abuja Lagos

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Setting up a House property agency in Nigeria is one of the surest and booming ways through which young men are rapidly turning themselves into billionaires nowadays. It works in a similar way when compared with the land agency business, job recruitment agency business, security agency business and travel agency business. Everyday in Nigeria, thousands of people migrate from one city to another in search of greener pastures. And as they do so, they are also searching for an residential apartment to rent or a building to buy for business needs as well as other personal purposes best known to them.

Doing such is not always an easy task because been a newcomer to a strange land, there is no place that you know yet though you must have been hearing the names of such popular cities in stories, books and discussions with your friends. Even if you know the city very well, you may not imagine undergoing the stress of walking round and round the streets looking for an apartment to rent or a house to buy. Even if you have the strength to do so, you may not have that less busy chance or spare time to go about it as a result of family engagements, busy time schedules, business operations and other events, occasions, situations and conditions surrounding your life.

As a result, you will surely contract the services of a house agent to go about the task for you according to your choices and specifications for an agree percentage of commissions. Such job and duties discharged by a house agents is what I am trying to give you an insight into so that you can get exposure into the business and join the busy train of million money makers and re-write your financial stories as fast as you can.

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The job is very simple if you play according to the rules. To start this business, a license is a prerequisite. First and foremost, visit the relevant authorities, register with them and get your license as well as an identification card. This will save you the embarrassment of the police men and legal practitioners placed in charge of properties.

Once you have your licence, start your job immediately. Walk around your neighbourhood and make contacts with landlords and house owners requesting to be an agent for their properties. They will surely accept you as long as they have not yet handed the house or property ro another agent before you came.

After getting the power of agency over various houses from their rightful owners and landlords, start advertising your agency. Place advert boards and banners on strategic positions and junctions all over the town and city in order to gain more exposure to people who need your services. Remember to put your phone number there so that you can be easily contacted once your services are needed. It is also good to identify yourself with other house agents operating in your location and work together with them.

Also, you cab meet lawyers, estate managers, valuers, building contractor and other property administrators. They can connect you to big time clients for business. The average commission charged for agency services is 10% but it can be even higher than that depending on the location in which you are operating. If you link a client to rent house at N700,000 yearly, you will get an instant commission of N70,000 or even more depending on the ruling commission percentage in your area from the client. By the time you get like 10 clients in a month and discharge your services to them, you will be making roughly N700,000 monthly from your agency. That's a great deal of money for goodness sake.

Remember, you invested noting in the business. You only registered your business, placed your advert posters and made a few calls to be earning such a huge amount of money each month. It is really an impressive business idea that guarantees you optimal returns.
If you like, you can rent an office for your business so that I will have a more professional look and shape. Invite property owners to register their properties with you and sell, lease or rent it out for them at an agreed or fixed commission percentages.

That is how you will quickly turn into a billionaire in less than one year and your life will totally change for the better. For more questions concerning this business, contact an experience professional in the field or better still, send me your words through the comment box below and I will give you a helpful feedback as soon as I can. Thank you for reading this article. See you again in the next one coming to you in a few minutes here on this same blog !

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