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Facebook Account Recovery - 8 Reasons why you got your Facebook Account Disabled

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It is always a very shocking and disappointing experience if you ask anyone who has experienced flagging of his or her account on Facebook by the monitoring team. However, nothing ever happens without a reason.

Out of all the creatures in the world, human beings seems to be the most difficult to control. An animal like a dog can be trained in such a way that it acquires very good living habits and traits which it will surely live and grow with for the rest of its life. The same applies to other animals like the pigeon birds. But when it comes to making human beings obey simple rules and regulations, it always seems to be an uphill duty because the sense of reasoning, conscience and mode of thinking differs diversely from ona man to another.

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So let us not put blames on social networks like Facebook whenever they formulate their terms of service, conditions and user policy agreement and enforce it on erring parties.
An Ideal and large social networking platform is surely a mix of the wild and tame. In a bid to curtail the excesses of our human indiscipline and our stubborn attitudes with regards to the ways we use and abuse the social features of the community, the Facebook team have become so wide-awake with their ever open eyes searching in utmost strictness to spot out violators of their service terms and sanction them duly.

One of the main ways through which Facebook punishes such offenders is by flagging their accounts. To flag an account means to suspend, archive, ban or totally delete a user's account from the social platform as a result of confirmed suspicious activities going on the account. Some of the reasons why Facebook flags user accounts from their social networking platform includes the following:

• Incessant posting of spam links all over people's profiles.

• Provision of fake and unreal personal details which cannot be confirmed or traced factually.

• Posting of all prohibited forms of pictures and images on the platform.

• Careless and uncalculated addition of friends to your account especially people you do not actually know in real life.

• Massive invitation of friend to like a group without them having a real interest to do so.

• Generation of automatic and fake fans for Facebook fan pages and groups through the use of malicious softwares and applications.

• Making posts and updates which are considered to be too violent or offensive to people. Users can report your account to Facebook for a probe.

• Trying to gain illegal and unauthorized access into people's accounts and profiles.

• And many more reasons. You can add to the list using the comment box below.

The bottom line is that for any platform, there are stated rules and codes of conducts which must be adhered to as long as you are partaking in it and enjoying the features. When you are in Rome, please behave like the Romans and when you find yourself in America, act like Americans to avoid putting yourself in a tight corner. Rules and usage guides varies from one entity to another and so it applies to the Facebook social network too. For you to have a really wonderful experience on the online community, you have to always act in accordance with their time in order to avoid the shock of getting your accounts banned and flagged. And you all know what it means to loose thousands of fans and friends whom you have worked so hard to connect and hook up with over the years.

So beware and be warned so that you do not fall a victim of circumstance. Facebook rarely releases banned accounts because of the rigid and strict way at which they frown at policy defaulters. To be fore warned is to be fore armed. Thanks for reading this gospel!

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