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Profitable Telecoms Business Ideas - 20+ New Business Ideas In Telecommunication Sector

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Whether you will admit it or not, the telecommunication industry remains one of the viable sectors in the global economies; be it that of Nigeria, India or the USA. If you are an objective observer, look out from anywhere you are now into the telecommunication industry of your country and tell me what you saw? If you did not see a world full of untapped money-making opportunities there, then you are just a blind viewer. Actually, it takes meaningful thoughts to see great opportunities and requires courage even amidst discouragements to spin such great opportunities into success. That is what transpires within us before ever we discover and bring you sweet income opportunities to your doorposts. Your task remains to utilize those ideas and create huge monetary values for yourself.

Today, we bring to you the various business opportunities in the telecommunication sector which for sure, are not yet fully tapped by people as a result of gross negligence. A common reason why many people have failed in their life endeavors is the fact that they continued looking for success where it was very rare to find. People put down some businesses ideas into the mud because they see them as local or low-profit yielding ventures. The question remains whether you have ever tried such related business as a portfolio of income sources and never made a sizable income from such a strategy. When you do your things in a unique way, with God, you must succeed. As a way of guarantee, these 20+ business ideas about to be exposed below can earn you more if only you can pick some or all of them together and manage them as a single business venture since they are related. Engaging in just one or two of them will scarcely or never take you anywhere. Let us now look at the respective businesses with snappy details below :

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* Selling brand new phones.

* Buying fairly-used phones at cheap prices from people and reselling them for profits as high as N2,000 each.

* Repairing phones and offering phone maintenance services.

* Recharge card printing and selling.

* Bulk SMS business.

* GSM short code business.

* File transfer services for games, musics, videos, pictures and similar files.

* Buying damaged quality phones from people for as low N500 and reselling the functioning component parts separately for huge profits. The LCD screen of a quality phone alone will sell as high as N1,500.

* Phone Call Kiosks and outlets/phoning booths.

* Buying already loaded airtime from people through network airtime transfer services and pay less for it. You can buy a N1,500 airtime for as low as N1,000. Resell it to people at normal prices or use it for calls in your phone call outlet/booth. You will really make the profits that way.

* Phone charging outlet business. Due to the instability in the Nigerian electric power sector, this business is widely becoming a fortune box for people.

* GSM accessories/parts (including earpieces, batteries, phone casing, phone packs, chargers, etc) business.

* Configure normal packet data/browsing settings for people and charge them as you do so.

* Offer virus elimination/debugging services. You need to download the antivirus software for this purpose.

* Sell the accessories of GSM networks like SIM cards.

* Assist clients with third party network services like activating call waiting and call forwarding services for people, recover their PUK, PIN and IMEI numbers for them with charges.

* Unlock phones and modems for your clients.

* Offer phone hiring services. People nowadays hire costly phones whenever they want to attend events just to show off in public while some hire phones for browsing, playing games and for other purposes. Make sure they leave a collateral worth more than the phone they have hired so as to cover yourself against losses.

* Offer tutorials on mobile income solutions and charge fees.

* Charge your customers as you download and install mobile utility softwares like antivirus and similar applications for them.

* Configure MMS phone settings for your customers and make them pay for it.

* Teach your clients and configure mobile phone tips for them. Such tips includes free sms, mms, how to own foreign phone numbers and how to browse free.

* Teach people how to do any of the above things and charge them.

Bearing in mind that you may not know how to start some of the businesses in the above list, contact us for the full set-up details of any of them which will cost just a little token. We will tell you their various start-up requirements and also show you effective strategies with which to succeed in any of them. If you are a busy person, you can employ a sales representative to help you out.

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