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12 Ways to Make Money on Valentine's Day

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As we all know, the Valentine's Day is a very special day for showing love not just to our dear and special ones but also, to everybody out there who needs to be cared for. It is a global celebration always marked on the 14th day of February in each year. On Valentine days, a special joy envelops the whole world at large. While some couples often choose to spend the day at Picnics, fast foods, restaurants, cinemas, gardens, bar beaches, tours, amusement parks, recreation centres and party floors, others prefer passing the whole day in places like hospitals, prisons, orphanages, churches and other numerous places.

But irrespective of the way it is being celebrated by people, the fact remains that the celebrants try to show the significance of the day in their own styles and ways. Valentine Days always see many people lavishing their hard-earned money on gift items or in a celebration and jubilation Galore. If you visit any joint operating in a busy and populated area on a Valentine's day, believe me when I tell you that you will be lucky to find a sitting spot there. Guys always flood clubs and joints on such days with their girlfriend's to make merry, eat, drink, chat, dance and have a whole deal of fun.

Now, I will teach you how to take advantage of people's happiness and joy and make amazing profits for yourself. Yes, I will walk you through on how to enrich your pockets and enjoy enormous financial benefits from the different ways people spend their money recklessly during the Valentine season. Do not sit back and watch other smart people rake up the whole money into their pockets. Be fully involved in the season of serious business and make your money. While others around you may be celebrating the Valentine's Day, I urge you to monetize the day instead.

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Many Valentine days which have passed me by in my lifetime so far have always seen me spending ridiculously on foods, drinks and gifts but since my eyes opened to the real reality of such days, I have chosen to be a moderate spender and make big money like other enterprising individuals do on such days. If you are really determined to make money on the Valentine's day, below are some opportunities that will put money into your pockets. Based on previous experiences from the past years, I have carefully compiled this list of business opportunities to help you make money on that very day. See them below!

(1). Sell greeting cards. Buy valentine greeting cards from graphic designers and sell them to customers. It is a hot selling products during Valentine seasons. You can save your costs by designing and printing the cards by yourself.

(2). Sell customised gift items like hats, framed pictures, photo frames, flower vases, flowers, children's toys, graphic stickers, multi-colour lamps, belts and lots more. You will surely make a lot of money from this.

(3). Sell drinks like soft drinks, fruit juices, wines, beers, beverage drinks and many others. People consume them in large quantities on Valentine days.

(4). Sell foods by a busy roadside. Roasted plantain, chicken sauce, steamed meat, garnished noodles, fried rice, pepper soup, fried foods like plantains, akara balls, potatoes and even fruits are some of the edibles you can sell on that day and make money.

(5). Organize Valentine talks and shows. You cannot do it alone. So do well to invite seasoned entertainers, comedians, celebrities, orators, dancers and other show experts. Charge gate fees before granting entrance into the show venue for people and put some money into your pockets.

(6). Sell pop corns and ice creams at joints, clubs, busy roadsides, show centres, recreation centres, amusement parks, Valentine gardens and other places where people will gather to celebrate the valentine. Spot them out around your area or somewhere in the city and make some cool cash doing your business there.

(7). Offer Bulk SMS services to people so that they can send their messages to their loved ones. This will be very ideal for Bulk SMS portal managers and agents as well. You can entice people and attract them to your portal by composing and giving out free Valentine messages to them. It will save them the stress of writing new ones as they will just choose from your list of messages, copy the contents and sent it to their desired contacts. Reports for previous years have shown that billions upon billions of text messages are sent on Valentine Days. Why not stock up your bulk SMS portal with sufficient Bulk SMS units as soon as you can and get ready for a real money making ordeal on that day?

(8). Sell fashion items, jewellery and clothes and you will surely make a lot of money during the valentine season. Buy attractive and in vogue fashion items in bulk from importers or the makers at cheap prices and sell them off to your customers at very high prices and big profit margins too.

(9). Put up a valentine garden for couples and lovers to come and pass their affectionate time with each other. A soft music singing in the background is sure to attract people into the garden. Fill up the garden with natural and artificially made flowers of different kinds. Having fruits which visitors will pluck from the garden and pay for will surely put too much money into your bank account on the Valentine's Day.

(10). Engage yourself in digital photography and video coverage and make money on the Valentine's Day. Pick up your cameras and visit Valentine celebration centres like clubs, joints, bar beaches and churches and snap people pictures. Print it instantly with an instant digital photo printer and make lots of money for yourself.

(11). Provide guest housing and hospitality services for people. On valentine days, people use to travel to distant places for tours and sight-seeing purposes. They will definitely need a shelter for the tie being. So, if you have idle rooms or a vacant lodge, offer it to people and make your money without too much stress. Charge them depending on the number of days that they spend in the apartments.

(12). Sell recharge cards and turn yourself into a happy person from the money you will make from the venture. People make calls and send numerous text messages to their dear ones on Valentine Days. So selling the mobile recharge vouchers of different mobile network providers like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL is a very certain channel that will draw in a sizeable amount of money and profits into your bank account on a Valentine's Day.

The list of profitable and lucrative business opportunities into which you can engage yourself on a Valentine's Day and make money is endless. Find out more depending on your location, explore and exploit such sweet chances which only comes once in a year and make a lot of money for yourself. However, I hope this list which I have poured out on this post will help you to make money on a Valentine's day and leave you absolutely with no regrets of doing so.

I remain committed to your financial success and breakthrough in life. So feel free to call me your very good friend any day, any time and anywhere. Please send in your comments regarding this article using the comment box below. I will appreciate them and get back to you as soon as I can if it is necessary.

Thank you all!

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