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Build and design a mobile website using the powerful XTgem site builder

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In terms of their structures, design, features and other distinguishable qualities, websites are of two major types - the desktop websites and the mobile websites. While the desktop websites have large widths and spaces, possess and display a wide variety of features and encompasses a lot of stuffs and online facilities, the mobile websites are structured and designed as mini websites with the major features that will ease, allow and make its access to mobile users convenient and smooth. Initially when websites began to flood the world wide web, the idea of creating a mobile platform was not yet conceived. Webmasters were only concerned in establishing online presence for their businesses, events, issues, organizations and groups. They also did so for their clients as well.

However, as time went on, the everyday users of internet who see it as an effective platform that served the execution of their routine utilities began to launch in complaints for a more convenient online platform. They did not just conceive the idea like that, there was a driving force behind it. The technological explosions coupled with the subsequent developments in the telecommunication sector gave birth to the use of internet-enabled mobile phones and devices to browse the internet which initially proved itself a very cumbersome and uncomfortable activity for the internet user.

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Imagine having a whole webpage which fits fine on a desktop screen trying to be replicated with all those same complex features on a small mobile phone ! The sight is not fine at all and virtually, most features working on the desktop never worked out well on the mobile devices. Ease was never permitted of course through that channel. Although large websites now create mobile-friendly versions of their pages for their mobile users through the use of site mobilization tools like, webmasters, designers and experts have finally brought out the idea of creating websites which are strictly mobile-optimized without fantastic desktop features although they can still be accessed on PC and other desktop devices. Such websites with full mobile features are referred to as mobile websites.

The creation of mobile websites goes through the same path as the creation of every other normal website. Mobile sites can either be created from the scratch through programming or through online mobile website builders. Programming a mobile website is a very uphill task. To save you such stress, I will show you all how to design a professional-looking mobile website through a very powerful online site building tool. Although you can design your website using the free tool at, I will recommend a more simple-to-use mobile site building tool located at The solution as of this date powers over a million mobile sites on the internet today.

Most importantly, using the tool is absolutely free of charge. They will even grant your site a free sub-domain name such that your mobile site will be located at They have a lot of sub-domain ending for you to choose from depending on your choice. From using the sub-domain as a starter, you can upgrade to their premium plan and get access to other premium features such as a domain name, php programming abilities as well as other amazing webmaster features.

But as a newbie, all you need to do is to register your mobile site on the website, design your site through the easy-to-use automatic sitebuilder on the website and publish your site for internet users to gain access. It is damn simple if you give it a try. Learn other web designing skills from other webmasters and optimize your mobile sites for search engines too.

That's all for now. I still have other amazing packages for you all. Stay with me !

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