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20+ Free Motivational SMS English for your family friends and acquaintances!

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Words of encouragement can sometimes strengthen us even a million times more than the mere meals that we take. It will even do more especially when it comes to you from a dear friend, family relation, neighbour or any of your other close peeps. In the light of this circumstance, MyFreeBulkSMS have prapared these special motivational SMS for you to send it to your close contacts at any time you wish in order to keep them focused and determined as they all pursue their various dreams and goals in life.

Just a word from you can drive them into the arena of endless success and favours and trust me; they will never ever forget you because you always wished them nothing but good. Read the following text messages below, pick them up, send them to your personal persons and encourage them as they work hard and make sincere efforts in life. They will surely be sky-rocketed to success because of your selfless wishes!

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** Even if you fail to succeed on your first trial, please dust yourself up and always try again. Success surely awaits you at the end my good friend!

** Perseverance, confidence, hardwork, courage and determination are the ingredients which you must add in their proper mix and proportions into pot of endeavours in order to breed out success. Keep on trying dear!

** The many treasures gathered by men today were made in deprivation of themselves of certain life fantasies. Hardwork is never easy but success is always a very beautiful thing to have. Just remain focused and you will soon be there!

** To be a man is not a day job. The quest for success always continues because life is a struggle. A man will never ever rest or relent in his efforts even after achieving much. I hereby encourage you in all good things that you do!

** To whom much is given, much is expected. The divine grace has kept you up till this day at this very level. May it continue to open doors for you and grant you the desired breakthroughs in all your sincere efforts!

** Heaven helps those who helps themselves because a strong faith without works is aways ineffective. May the handwork of your hands bring you endless favours!

** Hope for the best and expect the worst as you keep on to make efforts with the pace of the situation. Success is not always out of luck. You can decide to have it and it will come. Just do something meaninful and you will finally end up with it!

** To pursue a problem-free life is just like running after an elusive fantasy. William Shakespeare of the ancient time made us to know this. The fact remains the same even till date and even into the unforseeable future. Troubles will always come our ways but we shall always find our ways past them and get stronger for more. These are my wishes for you!

** Without the fish net and the boat, of what good is the fisherman? I urge you today my dear friend to arm up yourself with all the fashionable items of hardwork and work out a successful future for yourself!

** Never you ever give up in any good thing that you have already started even when everything seems not to be going in the direction that you have envisaged earlier. You will never know how close you are to the Gold as you are digging a pit. Just don't give up!

** The greatest thing to fear is fear itself. Despair have really caused more harm than good to mankind. I hereby strengthen you with the courage to continue in anything that you are doing. Hardwork may be the price that you have to pay but success is your sure reward!

** Tough times never last because the strong in the midst of the world will surely overcome such time. By strong people, I'm far from muscular men. Nothing strengthens and empowers you more than hardwork. Please embrace it and thank me later whenever you succeed!

** The true realities of life are very tough to be experienced than just imagined. As kids, we never understood that times were hard but now that we have come of age, we have actually awoken up. May the divine grace encourage us to work out our successful future!

** Even if you have an identical twin born at the same time with you, each of you have separate paths to follow in life. Work out yours today through hardwork and be glad that you did so someday!

** It's not an easy road. Rome was not built in a single day. It took decades. With constant drops of water, an ocean can be formed. Patience is the key, hardwork is the fee and success is the meal!

** Do not play in the fields when others gather and keep their woods during the dry season so that regrets will not take the place of your comforts once it's rainy season. Hardwork simply means working hard; it brings you whatever you want!

** Childhood is a fantasy, youth is a blunder and old age is a regret. Do your things right now and have every cause to be happy with all you have done and achieved so far once your old age sets in. I wish you the very best in life!

** There can always be miracles when you believe and you can always succeed in life if you keep on working hard for a labourer deserves his wages. May we be paid back in our own coins of favours after a good and busy season of hardwork!

** A sandy and toiling hand always begets an oily mouth. If we labour in the sun, we shall eat in the shades someday. Everything is up to fate but we have to play our parts first and wait for whatever it brings. Success in all good things that you do!

** Life is too tough; so try and take it softly. Just do your best and the Lord will do the rest. I wish you the best that you can ever get out of this life!

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